Milford, DE



Bayhealth Hospital Sussex Campus


Milford, DE


Bayhealth and the Cannon Design team collaborated with Chicago Art Source to develop a comprehensive art program for their Delaware hospital campus. The program was created with evidence based design as the guiding principle, whereby art in healthcare environments is evaluated for its impact on patients and caregivers.

We sought to curate a highly positive, memorable experience through art that makes a lasting impression, accelerates the healing process and fosters a sense of assurance, advocacy, empathy and confidence.


Our design inspiration for curating the program was based on dramatically communicating the feeling within the built interior environment and focusing on a “Waters Edge” concept. We looked to bring in pieces that would communicate the calming and fluid feel of water, the shore, sand, dunes and riparian forests. The use of blue was a prominent color accent to reinforce the branding palette of Bayhelalth and provide a further connection to water.


The results are a program that delivers on a specific concept with literal and abstracted art from nature through originals, photography, limited-edition and open edition prints.

The art reinforced wayfinding throughout the building path of travel and became a focal point in areas of rest. A combination of active, quiet and reflective art acts as a positive distraction for patients, visitors and staff.