April's Featured Artist

Jennifer Falck Linssen is featured in our exhibition Chasing the Sky,
on view April 6th - June 16th.

View more of her work here.

Soar, paper & metal wall sculpture, 81" x 21" x 5"

I create sculpture from handcarved paper, metal, and linen that explores the delicacy of nature, the beauty of line, and the transformation of light and space. By “drawing” with a small knife on cotton papers, I shape this carved paper into three-dimensional sculpture, sculpting forms of pattern, shadow, and light. The interaction of these elements combined with the architectural shape, creates an ever-changing landscape in space around each piece.

Taking Flight Detail  (Left) and  Tall Grass Prairie Detail  (Right)

Taking Flight Detail (Left) and Tall Grass Prairie Detail (Right)

After spending time hiking and kayaking in Florida away from my home in northern Wisconsin, I became inspired by the dense populations of birds that had migrated there for the winter. It was with curiosity and wonder that I studied these small creatures, considering the great lengths they traveled as they crossed the continent.  With this thought in mind, I began to consider how my surroundings in northern Wisconsin served their needs each summer and how each patch of land north to south served them as well.

Synergy, paper & metal wall sculpture, 47" x 46" x 6"

In order to migrate, birds need connected habitat, particularly unbroken forests and a network of grasslands, ponds, marshes, and untouched shoreline with native plants. The connection between a rich, vibrant flora and fauna - the reliance and interdependency of each on the other - spurred the creation of sculpture for Chasing the Sky

Tracking, paper & metal wall sculpture, 93" x 34" x 8"

Tracking, paper & metal wall sculpture, 93" x 34" x 8"

Posted on April 14, 2018 .