May's Featured Artist

Jackie Battenfield is featured in our exhibition Chasing the Sky,
on view April 6th - June 16th.

View more of her work here.

Sea Glass Blossom, acrylic on mylar panel, 40" x 30"

My work explores my fascination with abstract qualities of landscape—storms, clouds, brushfires, and water ripples. My painting practice is to work with paint pigments suspended in an aqueous mix. I pour, sweep, brush, drip, and fling layers of paint. I coax pools of paint into translucent veils of color and layer one over the other. Often, I have anchored these ephemeral elements with gestural marks, stripes, and blocks of color.

Monet Morning,  acrylic on mylar panel, 60" x 40"

Monet Morning, acrylic on mylar panel, 60" x 40"

My fascination with branches and leaves originated from a week I spent at a rural meditation retreat in the 90’s. Spring was slowly awakening the landscape from its winter bareness. For hours each day I sat next to a window in silence. As my city mindset quieted, I was transfixed as tender buds and leaves daily transformed a gnarly elm tree outside. My paintings evoke the immediacy of that experience. My hand slowly reanimates the twisting and branching line of a tree limb, the subtle curve of a bamboo stalk, or the concentric marks radiating out from a single stone dropped into still water.

Salt Laden Air, acrylic on mylar panel, 30" x 40"

Jackie Battenfield received her MFA in Visual Art from Syracuse University and a BS from Pennsylvania State University. Originally from Pittsburg, Pennsylvannia, she currently lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Her artwork has won numerous awards and is represented in various collections worldwide. 

Vivid Dawn, acrylic on mylar panel, 40" x 30"

Vivid Dawn, acrylic on mylar panel, 40" x 30"

Posted on May 3, 2018 .