"The primary focus of my work is the urban setting and many components that form it. I have mainly been interested in the existence and placement of nature within the close proximity of architecture and the co-existence of the traditional and the contemporary. Much of what I'm attempting is to recreate passing moments in and around a city. Featuring images of architectural structures, signs, lighting, people, plant-life, etc. my works are usually presented in a photographic format. The pictures are mostly shot while in transit, traveling through cities mainly in Asia. The sites range from train stations, adult entertainment venues, places of worship and much of my path in between. Some of the photos are clear, focused and very specific, while others are shot in motion, blurred and semi-representational. On a location I try to find high contrast and vibrant subjects in order to produce rich cinematic images. In the end, my artwork is about sharing personal journeys with the viewer and is a bit narrative and autobiographical. The works commentary and observations deal with the rapid development and pace in the metropolitan and the merger of so much of the progressing world around us."