We are a design-driven company. We can do "commodity" jobs, but that is not our focus. We not only consider aesthetic design, but what the function of the art is to ensure the maximum return on investment (ROI).

We have spent years hiring, training, and keeping high quality standards. This is a main reason why we have won so many awards and have a much appreciated loyal following. We find that the framing in hotels and large institutions is frequently between sub-par and falling apart; when buying art, 98% of the problems are with the framing. With our parent company, Artists Frame Service, we set a new standard for framing companies.

We have numerous awards, including "Exceeding Customer Expectations". This has been a key factor in our growth. Jay Goltz is considered an expert on the subject.

As a leader in the industry (our owner, Jay Goltz, speaks at national conferences, is the business editor of a trade publication and is a consultant for Crescent Cardboard Company), we have strong relationships with a wide range of providers. In addition, we are one of the few American companies attending international trade shows, seeking and finding many cutting edge products which we introduce to this country.


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